Work with Me

I love working with subject matter experts and other writers to make their words as potent as they can be! This is a partial list of services I can offer you. If there is something else word-wise that interests you that I haven’t listed, feel free to contact me and we’ll talk about it. If I don’t do it, I may know someone who does. And of course, contact me if you want me to help!

All services (with the exception of Help Files, which will be created in Madcap Flare) are currently available in either MS Word 10 or Scrivener. If you need work done in a different application or format, I’m happy to discuss the possibility.

Technical Writing & Basic Document Design

I quote technical writing on a per-project basis.

Depending on how much prep work is required, the project cost can be adjusted. For example, for new projects, document design is often included in my quote. If you already have a MS Word template and style guide for your business, the time required for a writing project (and therefore cost) can drop dramatically.

Technical writing or document design can include:

  • Paper or PDF user documentation
  • White Papers
  • Help files for software applications
  • Basic websites
  • Almost anything else you can think of. If you’re not sure, ask. If I don’t know the genre, I can put you into contact with people who do.

Editing Services

Editing is bid at a general rate depending on the level of editing required. Some examples of Editing methods are listed below:

Substantive Organization and Continuity Editing

Priced per project, as Technical Writing.

This is the most extreme form of editing I do. I do not do developmental editing: you as the author are responsible for all research and writing of your document.

Basic (light) Copy Editing

$2.00 per 250 words in the original document.

Correction of basic grammar, style, repetition, removal of jargon if necessary, and so on.


$1.00 per 250 words in the original document

The most basic form of editing, this covers:

  • basic style (verb tense, use of numerals (5 vs. five)

  • capitalization

  • spelling and word usage


These services are priced by the final word count.

Written document transcription

$1.00 per 200 words of final word count

I will take your printed or handwritten document and type it into MS Word for you. Cost is based on final word count as provided by MS Word. This service includes basic proofreading.

This means that a basic 30,000 word e-book can be transcribed from hard copy and proofread for approximately $150.00.

Vocal Transcription

$1.00 per 100 words of final word count

I can also transcribe your recorded document: interview, dictated book, and so on, removing the ummms, and huhs and other issues while still retaining your voice and personality. As with written transcription, this service includes basic proofreading.

This means that a basic 30,000 word e-book can be transcribed and proofread for approximately $300.00.